Academic Career

1. Education and degrees

  • a. Highland High School - Albuquerque, New Mexico Graduated in 1953
  • b. University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, New Mexico Graduated in 1957 with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering
  • c. One extra year of study at the University of New Mexico in Arts and Sciences
  • d. Baptist Theological Seminary - Rueschlikon, Switzerland Certificate of study for one year, 1958-59
  • e. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, - Fort Worth, Texas Master of Divinity degree granted in 1961
  • f. One year of study at the Salzburg University in Austria
  • g. Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena California Doctor of Missiology degree granted in 1977
  • h. University of South Africa - Pretoria, South Africa Doctor of Theology degree granted in 1990

2. Academic positions and teaching experience

  • a. Founder and Director of the Ollivet Ilnstitute of Global Sategic Studies 2014-2017
  • b. Co-President of the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies at Olivet University. 2012 to 2014
  • c. President of Olivet University 2009 to 2012
  • d. Dean of the Olivet Theological Seminary and College San Francisco 2003 to 2008
  • e. Professor of Missions at the Evangelical Theological Seminary Heverlee, Belgium from 1982 to 2008. I was also the founder and director of the PhD. program from 1982 to 1995
  • f. Baker James Cauthen Professor of Missions at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, California 2000 to 2006
  • g. E. Herman Westmorland Professor of Evangelism at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, California 1995 to 2000
  • h. Professor of Missions at the Bible Seminary Bonn in Bonn, Germany from 1994 to present
  • i. Associate Director of the Kim School of Intercultural Studies at Golden Gate Theological Seminary 1998 to 2006
  • j. Interim Executive Secretary of he European Baptist Convention (English Speaking) from 1983-1984
    • a. l served as the Chairman of the European Church Growth Association

3. Academic publications

  • a. Wagner, William L. New Move Forward in Europe: Growth Patterns Of German Speaking Baptists in Europe. South Pasadena: William Carey Library, 1978. (Translated into German) b. Wagner,
Book Chapters
  • a. Garrett, Duane A. and Richard R. Mellick. Authority and Interpretation: A Baptist Perspective. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1987. Chapter entitled: Biblical Authority and Christian Missions.
Articles in Journals
  • a. Wagner, Bill. "Anmerkung zur Islamlischen Da'wah - Ruf zum Islam"."Der Islam als Herausforderung fuer die christlilche Mission" edition afem, Bonn: Verlag fuer Kulture und Wissenschaft, 1996
  • b. Wagner, William. "A Comparison of Christian Missions and Islamic Da'wah" Missiology Volume XXXI, Number 3, July 2003
  • c. Wagner, William. "The Place of the Mosque in the Propagation of Islam" Evangelical Theological Faculty, Journal September 4, 2003
  • d. Wagner William, "The Quite Revolution" Total Life World View, Issue Number 21 Christmas 2004
  • e. Wagner, William, Educating Contemporary University Students for Missions, Asian Missiological Society Journal, 2014

4. Doctoral dissertations

  • a. Fuller Theological Seminary: "New Move Forward in Europe, Growth Patterns of German Speaking Baptists in Europe". Mentor – Dr. Art Glasser
  • b. University of South Africa: “North American Protestant Missionaries in Western Europe, a Critical Appraisal”. Mentor - Dr. David Bosch

5. Professional publications

  • a. Wagner, William. How Islam Plans to Change the WorldGrand Rapids: Kregel, 2004.(Translated into German, Korean and Spanish)
Book Chapters
  • a. Allen Moore ed., Baptist Witness in Catholic Europe. Rome: FMB- SBC 1973 Chapter: "Working with Youth in a Catholic Land"
  • b. Pretorius, MW, The Secret of Faith: In your Heart – In your Mouth Chapter: A Definition of Mission and Evangelism. 2004.
  • c. Klement, Herbert H. ed. Evangelisation im Gegemwind, Wuppertal: 2005. R. Brockhaus Verlag, 2002. Chapter: Evangelistich Orientierte Ausbildung an Theologischen Ausbildungsstaetten Europas (together with Markus Wagner)
Articles in professional encyclopedias
  • a. Moreau, A. Scott. Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions.Grand Rapids:: Baker Book House; 2000- Five various Articles.
  • b. William L. Wagner. "Der Fall Rueschlikon: Hintergruende zur Kontroverse zwischen den Suedlichen Baptisten and Teilen des Europaeishen Baptismus" Bibel und Gemeinde, l05.Jahrgang, April – Juni 2005
  • c. Kurian, George T. and Mark Lamport, Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States. Rowman and Littlefield . 2016

6. Relevant popular publications

  • a. Wagner, William L. ed. Eight Growing Baptist Churches in Western Europe Columbus: Brentwood Christian Press, 1989.

7. Dissertations and Thesis Supervised

Ph.D. Dissertations
  • a. Yim, Heung-Blin, Missionarische Hinweisse des Bodenstaendigmachens des Evangellims und der Kirche im soszio-kulturellen und anthrolpologischen Kontext in Ost-Malaysia, Evangelical Theological Faculty 1986 (Co-Promoter with Dr. Peter Beyerhaus)
  • b. Francis, Pierre, The Civil War in Lebanon (1975-1991) and the Christian Evangelical Message: Towards Survival, Extinction or Expansion? Evangelical Theological Faculty (Co-promoter with Dr. Cal Guy)
  • c. Steelmaker, Cecil, An Analysis of Contemporary Christian Normality within French- Speaking Belgium and its Missiological Implications, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 1993.
  • d. Elbers, Veronika Johanna, Protestantiche Missionare aus Indonesien, Evangelical Theological Faculty, (Co-promoter with Dr. Klaus Fiedler) 1995.
  • e. Pederson, David John, Choosing Three Worlds: A Biblical Paradigm of Expatriate Ministry with Practical Applications for the English-Speaking International Congregation. Evangelical Theological Seminary, 1997.
  • f. Brandl, Bernd, Die Geschichte der Neukirchener Mission als erste deutsche Glalubensmission, (Co-promoter with Dr. Klaus Fiedler), Evangelical Theological Faculty, 1997. g. Saiyasak, Chansamone, A Study of the Belief Systems and Decision Making of the Isan People of Northeast Thailand with a View towards Making use of these Insights in Christian Evangelism. Evangelical Theological Faculty, 2007.
  • h. McCrae, Fred, The German Church Growth Association, 1985 to 2003. Evangelical Theological Faculty, 2009.
  • I. Siakimoto, Robert M. . Open Air Campaigners – The Legacy of an Evangelistic Ministry and its Effectiveness Historically and as a part of Today's Global Evangelism. Olivet University, 2014
Min. Projects
  • a. Rice, Ron. Encouraging a Shared Ministry Plan through Development & Implemention of a Bivocational Ministry Covenant. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 1998.
  • b. Kim, Paul. Developing a Team Approach to Local Church Planting within the University Community of Tokyo, Japan. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000.
  • c. McCutcheon, Don. L. The Implementation of the Mass Evangelism Component of the Intentionally Evangelistic Church Pilot Strategy in the Westwood Baptist Church, Live Oak, Florida. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000.
  • d. Williams, James. How to Start a Home Church Planting Movement in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary 2005.
  • e. Floro, Duane. Developing a Manuel of Operation for the Ministry Evangelism Strategy Team of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006.
  • f. Cho, Soo-Kil, Developing and Implementing a Discipleship Program to Address the “Inner Wounds” among New and Struggling Members at Sparks Korean Baptist Church. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006./li>
Master Thesis
  • a. Higgens, Randall Mark A Study of George Whitefield's and Oral Roberts' Innovative use of Mass Media and Present Influence on Contemporary Churches 200

8. Book Reviews

  • There have been numerous book reviews in both English and German publications

9. Research Interest

The fields of research in which I have acquired expertise are the following:
  • a. Church Growth
  • b. Missions
  • c. Evangelism
  • d. Intercultural Studies
  • e. World Religions
  • f. Islam
  • g. Strategy Development
The specific subfields of these areas in which I have engaged in the last five years are as follows:
  • a. Strategies of world religions for missions
  • b. Intercultural communication
  • c. Evangelistic methods
  • d. The persecuted church
  • e. Islam in the Western World
  • f. The new alternative religions now present in the San Francisco area.
  • g. Church planting in urban areas
The specific subfields of these areas in which I hope to engage in the next five years are the following:
  • a. Write a book on the specific strategies of the Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses, Southern Baptists, Assemblies of God, Islam, and the Homosexuals.
  • b. Write a book on church planting comparing the difference between Indigenous and Intentional church planting (Now finished and waiting for publication)
  • c. Develop a plan so that Southern Baptists can be more effective in using university Students in missions

10. Academic lectures and conference presentations

  • There have been numerous lectures and academic presentations in over twenty countries. The themes generally have to do with Evangelism, Islam, or Missions

11. Participation at important conferences

  • a. World Congress for Evangelism (Berlin 1966)
  • b. Amsterdam ( 1983, 1987, and 2000) Congress for Itinerant Evangelists
  • c. Second International Congress on World Evangelism (Lausanne) Manila, Philippines
  • d. Forum 2004 (Lausanne) Thailand
  • e. Lausanne 2011 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa
  • f. Numerous conferences on Islam in Europe and Middle East

12. Special committees and boards

  • a. Elected to be the second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, U.S.A.
  • b. Member of the International Board of the International Evangelism Association
  • c. Chairman of the Board for the Christian Post, Washington, D.C.
  • d. Member of the Board of Biblical Seminary Bonn in Germany
  • e. Member of the Board of “To All Nations” Mission Society in Bonn, Germany
  • f. Member of the Board of “Bridge to the Homeland” Mission Society in Siegen, Germany

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